March 22, 2022

There are two sides to every boomerang!

We’re overjoyed to welcome Cara Anderson back to the Republic team and want to share what contributed to this momentous occasion—from both sides.

Cara’s obsession with plants and gardening has been a driving force in her career. Prior to joining Republic, she worked in a commercial greenhouse where she ‘cultivated’ her green thumb expertise. When Cara began at Republic in 2015, her plant-obsession and her environmental conscientiousness led her to explore biophilic design. Cara was instrumental in the design, execution, and maintenance of our studio’s plant wall, which has become a well-recognized feature in our main floor workout space. 

In the fall of 2018, Cara made what she describes as a very difficult decision. She stepped away from the Republic team to focus on her family, ‘grow’ her plant expertise, and further her biophilic design skills. While focusing on her family, Cara operated a biophilic design and green wall fabrication company and navigated the challenges of Covid-19 life. 

After nearly two years of the pandemic rollercoaster, a lot of toddler and puppy time, and overcoming a steep business ownership learning curve, Cara missed a collaborative team environment. Her experience and talent would make her a welcome addition to any team, but Cara knew Republic was the best place for her.

While Republic is a great fit for Cara, she is also a perfect fit for our team. Cara is a thoughtful, practical designer who incorporates her love of nature into every space. She is incredibly organized—hello, she juggled two small children, a dog, and a business during Covid! In addition to her creativity and talent, Cara’s positive attitude contributes to the culture of Republic, she is always finding ways to get team members involved.

When asked what she values most about Republic, Cara said, “People, people, people.” She appreciates that Republic brings a people-focused culture to work and fun. Self-management and the flexibility and adaptability of workspaces add to a laid-back environment that fosters and improves productivity. Cara enjoys the variety of project types and clients, and she’s thrilled to come into the studio and interact with fellow designers, industry professionals, and a variety of clientele . . . but she is still getting used to a Cheerio-free workspace.

Welcome back Cara ‘Boomerang’ Anderson!