January 15, 2020

It’s Now or Never at Republic!

If you stroll past the Republic Architecture studio, you might notice the gleaming curtain wall, the original brickwork, the state-of-the-art . . . exercise equipment? Yes, you read that right! The south side of our studio has five machines: two stationary bikes, a rower, a treadmill, and the dreaded Jacob’s Ladder.

This gorgeous gym gear caught the eye of the team from CBC Radio One’s ‘Now or Never,’ who called to get the skinny on our fab fitness space. When they heard about the fridge full of healthy snacks, the 18 hours of in-house fitness classes every week, and our Director of Wellness, they were stunned. Could such a workplace exist? They had to see it for themselves.

‘Now or Never’ host Trevor Dineen came to visit the studio. He watched a fitness class in progress, peeked in our well-stocked refrigerator, chatted with the team, and wrapped it up with a game of bubble hockey. Needless to say, after a couple hours hanging out at RAINO, Trevor had some pretty strong opinions about our innovative culture.

Want to hear what Trevor thought? Then click here to listen to the Saturday, January 11 episode of ‘Now or Never.’

Photo Credit: Bridget Forbes/CBC