August 2, 2019

Calling All Fun, Creative, and Collaborative Architectural Technologists!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Republic Architectural Technologist, off on another adventure!

In many studios and offices Technologists are practically chained to their computers—but not at Republic. We’re proud to be a little different—or, in the case of our Technologists, a lot different. Our Revit wizards and AutoCAD gurus regularly travel to meet with clients and visit sites, which gives them a deeper understanding of each project. Not only do they have a greater sense of the scope of work, they also report feeling a stronger personal connection to the project. Bonus!

When our Technologists touch down at the Republic head office, they rave about the incredible team culture, the variety of work, and the egalitarian atmosphere. No power trips or super-sized egos here—every team member has a voice. At Republic, we think a choir is better than a soloist, and together, our team makes beautiful (architectural) music.

Republic is growing, and we’re looking for Technologists with a passion for construction documents, working in Revit, and jet-setting around Canada. If you’re an Architectural Technologist who wants to get out from behind the screen, drop us a line and introduce yourself!