June 26, 2018

Republic Architecture Inc.’s Guide to Summer 2018

Summer is a fleeting season and its briefness is felt strongly in Winnipeg, the city where Republic Architecture is based and a place that seems to be constantly enveloped by snow and frigid temperatures. So when the warmer months come by in this winter city, the people of Winnipeg take great advantage of the hotter weather and enjoy every minute possible as they know full well that it won’t be long until the next torrential snowstorm.

Having lived here for quite some time, most of the people of Republic have developed their own summertime rituals. So, we asked people in our firm what they like to do in the summer and compiled the responses to create what we call the Republic Architecture Inc. Guide to Summer. Even if you don’t identify as a Winnipegger, we hope this list will not only aid you in making your own summer plans but also help you in getting to know the people of our firm a little bit better.

Below is a running list of the things our people enjoy during the summer. We’re updating this list as we post each item on our Twitter and Instagram accounts, so if you want to follow along at @republicarch.

6. Food Truck Wars at Manyfest – recommended by Cristina

Cristina loves food, so it’s no surprise that her item for the Republic Guide to Summer is the Food Truck Wars at Manyfest! Happening on Sept 7-9, the event has 38 food trucks vying to be this year’s favourite.


5. The Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition of Technology, Innovation, and Creativity – recommended by Zack

Next up on the list is Zack’s recommendation: the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition of Technology, Innovation, and Creativity (MEMETIC)! This festival is an annual celebration of electronic music and audio-visual art, and runs this year from August 16-19.


4. The Cooks Creek Medieval Festival – recommended by Mélanie

For the next item on our list of things to do in the summer, Mélanie recommends the Cook Creek Medieval Festival! The event celebrates music, dance, chivalry, food, and merriment from the medieval period and is held at the Church and Grotto in Cooks Creek, MB from July 28-29. If you see Mélanie there this year, go say hi!

3. Ballet in the Park – recommended by Jenn

Ballet in the Park is a Winnipeg summer tradition, with a history that spans over four decades. The celebrated 3-day event kicks off The Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s 79th season. This year, The Wizard of Oz takes the Lyric Theatre stage at Assiniboine Park. From July 25-27, 2018, catch a free show every night at 7:30 pm.

2. Winnipeg Folk Fest – recommended by Jordan

For those unintroduced or unfamiliar, Winnipeg Folk Fest is an annual four-day music festival that happens at Birds Hill Provincial Park. With over 75 musical acts and nine stages, it’s one of the most well-attended and celebrated mainstay events of Winnipeg, and many of the attendees would describe their experience as “religious”. While it is first and foremost a music festival, the event is a melting pot of creative minds with many of the regular attendees and participants mingling in the intesection between music and art. This year’s festival is July 5-8, 2018.



1. Cycling – recommended by Rachael

Bike Week Winnipeg is an event that encourages Winnipeggers to experience the city with their bicycles. Rachael recommends a few bike paths in the city to explore, including the ones at Assiniboine Ave and Waterfront Drive. Cyclovia, an event running during the same week, also put up temporary bike paths to celebrate the occasion.