May 9, 2018

Republic Welcomes Architect Amanda Basu Roy and Interior Designer Jennifer Norrie

We are absolutely thrilled to have two talented design professionals join our ever-growing team in our new office space at 385 St. Mary Ave! Our newest team members, Architect Amanda Basu Roy and Interior Designer Jennifer Norrie, both arrived at the same day at Republic Architecture Inc., and are ready to contribute their expertise to our projects for our clients across Canada.

Amanda Basu Roy is an Architect with proficiency in project management, design development, and construction administration. She’s been living in Winnipeg for just over a year having recently moved from Toronto. Amanda has over a decade of experience in the design and construction industry, and has even spent a year in India while she was an architectural intern. To learn more about Amanda, read her profile on our website here.

Jennifer Norrie is an Interior Designer who has several years of experience developing spatial experiences for commercial, institutional, and healthcare building typologies. Her proficiency in developing immersive and inspiring interiors for her clients is handily welcomed by Republic Architecture Inc. Jennifer is a member and treasurer of the Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba. Learn more about Jennifer by viewing her profile here.