January 1, 2016

Republic Refreshes, Reinvigorates with Rebrand

After a bit of self-reflection, we realised something important recently: we aren’t quite the same Republic that we were years ago. What was once a small firm with a handful of architects is now a bustling, multi-disciplinary practice of over twenty people. With this in mind, we decided that it’s time to update our current brand to reflect our growth and the changes that we’ve made.


The Challenge

Republic Architecture has strived to stick true to its original intention: to provide intelligent architectural services for technically-challenging projects while remaining accessible, open, and democratic. Our challenge was to update our current identity to incorporate these values in some way and to show that we’ve grown significantly over the years.


The Solution

To develop a solution, we followed a few guidelines with elemental choices like type (‘use a humanist typeface that emphasizes legibility’) and colour (‘keep Republic blue’). Conceptually, we were inspired by the idea of being the antithesis of heavily censored publicized government documents: ‘highlighting’ instead of ‘blacking out’ information. We felt that this concept matched some of our core values of being open and accessible.


Structured and geometric, this new logo has one other key point of interest that represents our accessible and adaptable nature: the main elements of the logo dynamically shift to adapt to its context. Though the logo isn’t static, it’s visually robust, which allows it to be recognizable as our brand. This reincarnation also allows it be utilized in a number of different mediums online and in print, without losing its legibility.

We think that this new identity better represents Republic Architecture’s current state, but fundamentally, we believe that this also acts as a harbinger for a brighter and more exciting future.