Tim Runtz is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg’s Cultural Studies MA program. Coming from a background steeped in publishing, he brings a keen editorial eye and passion for communications to the marketing team. Tim’s attention to detail and creative approach to professional pursuits, from academic and editorial work to social media and marketing, enables him to excel in the position of Proposal Writer.

Tim believes that architectural and design trends are shifting towards a more localized approach, with emphasis being placed on local climates, populations, and cultural contexts. He would like to see Winnipeg evolve along these lines, becoming more accessible and welcoming to an increasingly diverse group of visitors and inhabitants.

Saddle up and Ride

An avid cyclist and former bike mechanic, Tim has cycled across 15 different European countries and is an advocate for sustainable modes of transportation.

Rhythm n Bytes

Tim wishes he had the memory and processing power of a supercomputer, and that he could play jazz drums.

Reading Russians

Tim’s favourite author is Tolstoy, and he cites War and Peace as the novel that made him want to read books.