Noah Jacobson is an Architectural Intern who is driven by a philosophy of purposefulness as he primarily values how architecture is used by communities and their people, above all else. In order to bring this mindset into reality, he utilizes a technical process informed by many years of experience in concept development, project management, construction document production, and building code analyses and reviews. Noah is also informed by his knowledge in masonry having previously been an apprentice bricklayer for commercial construction projects.

Noah graduated with a Master of Architecture from Dalhousie University, and has since been practicing in various locales across the country. His portfolio features a wide range of building typologies, including social, commercial, institutional, and residential projects. Within these projects, Noah has acted in a wide number of capacities, and this immense and varied experience proves to be beneficial not only to Republic Architecture Inc.'s projects, but to the causes and goals of their clients and end users.

Besides his professional affiliations, he can be described as being musically-minded. Noah plays the drums for several local bands in Winnipeg, and he considers music to be a definite influence.

City of the Saints

Noah and NOLA go well together: New Orleans is a place that Noah would like to practice in, in order "to be among the people and music of that city".

Frozen Music

When asked about his three greatest influences, he listed architects Herman Hertzberger and Louis Kahn; and the late drummer of The Band, Levon Helm.

On Record

If given the chance — and perhaps, an unlimited budget — Noah would spend countless hours exploring a used record store.