As an Architectural Technologist, Melanie Pratt contributes her expertise and energy to a variety of projects across Canada. Trained in Civil Engineering Technology at Red River College, Melanie is specialist in the precise representation and drafting of building design. With this background, Melanie is able to serve a vital role in Republic’s process of design development, utilizing her knowledge of digital visualization to aid in the exploration, comprehension, and communication of projects.

Melanie’s skill set includes proficiency in project administration, surveying and building standards. Her experience ranges from comprehensive work in school design and contributions to building additions and site plan modifications. Outside of work, Melanie, a former Royal Canadian Air Cadet, is inspired by her love of nature.

Drawn to Scales

Melanie is greatly obsessed with reptiles. She has 'been keeping and breeding them for a decade now', she writes. 'It's a huge part of my life.'

If She Could Turing Back Time

Mathematician Alan Turing, father of modern computing and the creator of the idea behind the Enigma Machine, is who Melanie would choose, if she could choose one person to have dinner with. She would ask him, 'How far did you see your computing machine going, and what do you think of how far it's come?'

It's Dangerous to Go Alone

In her playlist, you may be surprised to find the 'Melodies of Hyrule' violin music, from the Legend of Zelda series of video games.