Justin Ladia, Republic Architecture Inc.’s Graphic Communications + Environmental Designer, is a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for graphic and web design. With a background in interior design, he is particularly interested in the application of two-dimensional practices in three dimensions. Justin endeavours to utilize the principles of both disciplines simultaneously. He is particularly interested in branding and its representation in space. A graduate of the Environmental Design at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture, he had designed branding material and signage for a number of clients, including the University of Manitoba, the Winnipeg Arts Council, and the Gas Station Theatre.

Justin brings a strong passion and background in graphic design, typography, and branding to the Marketing team at Republic Architecture Inc. He is driven by design excellence and prioritizes the details, understanding that it is the fine points of craft that bring a project from good to great.

Huge Nerd

Justin has once publicly professed his love of board games in front of a live audience for Pecha Kucha. It's been recorded and posted on Youtube somewhere, if you want to go look for it.

What's Behind Door Number One

When he was younger, Justin would draw plans for elaborate game show sets, a vital clue that would eventually encourage him to pursue a degree in Environmental Design.

Escapist Tendencies

A room escape enthusiast, Justin and his friends have broken records all over the City of Winnipeg.