As a Design Writer Jeffrey Thorsteinson contributes to a variety of Republic Architecture Inc.’s departments, from the marketing team to the design project efforts. In so doing he brings an aptitude in writing and knowledge of design principles to marketing and project documents.

A specialty of Jeff’s is work on architectural heritage projects, seeking solutions that fuse respect for Canada's architectural and cultural heritage with contemporary revitalization. To this work he consistently applies best practices heritage conservation principles and proficiency with building research.

The Write Stuff

Jeffrey lists Mark Kingwell, Christopher Hitchens, and Oliver Sacks as his favourite authors, but says he would love to collaborate with Douglas Coupland because 'I think we have similar lines of thought and I think I'd have fun.'

Hallowed Halls

Academic by nature, Jeffrey considers his undergraduate art history professor to be his greatest mentor; and believes he received the greatest piece of advice ('ask questions') from his grad school thesis advisor, 'among others.'


'A lot of old hip hop', surprisingly populates Jeffrey's playlist right now, in addition to 'George's answering machine song from Seinfeld.'