Heather Wagner is an immensely creative Interior Designer who is inspired by the craft of design and its capacity to instill in its users a resonant sense of place. Although motivated by the artfulness of design and its ability to evoke a response in people, Heather is also technically proficient, which is proven by her considerable experience in the development of interior design construction drawings and visualizations. She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, holds a Masters in Interior Design, and has a degree in Art History. In 2015, Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) named her as one of the Top 40 Emerging Professionals, and Steelcase Inc. decorated her with a Design Award in 2013. Heather has also volunteered with Architects Without Borders as a Team Leader for their Design for Disaster Relief project.

Heather's portfolio of work includes healthcare, public, and cultural projects, and she has performed a wide range of interior design services from ideation, functional programming, design development, and project leadership. Having taught students in the University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture's Interior Design program as a Sessional Instructor, she has also contributed to the fostering of budding interior designers hoping to make it in the industry.

Among her many interests, photography and travel are near the top of her list. Heather particularly likes to photograph architecture and interior spaces that fully embody the vernacular of the place — essentially, design that reflects the area's culture, unique location, or era. This personal design philosophy is one that Heather aspires to apply in all of her design projects.

Travel (at the Speed of) Light

If Heather had a superpower, she would easily choose teleportation. She explains, "I love to travel, but I am impatient about getting there."

Up In the Clouds

Heather has always wanted to learn how to fly a plane, going so far as saying that this would be a "definite" future personal goal of hers.

The Life Aquatic

To get away, Heather likes to row, row, row her boat down the river with the Winnipeg Rowing Club.