Hayley Akre is an Architectural Technologist with a proficiency in developing construction drawings and layouts for interiors, office, new-build and renovation projects. Hayley brings an unparalleled eye for detail and enthusiasm that benefits our firm, clients, and user groups as well.

With a focus on logistics and efficiency, Hayley contributes to the production and development of construction drawings at Republic Architecture Inc. Passionate about delivering precise and high-quality work, Hayley has engaged in the development of drawings and project management, project planning, and construction management for projects across Canada for a variety of client groups.

A Summer Child

Hayley is obsessed with the ocean, being outside, and getting fresh air: 'I can never get enough of the sun and the outdoors.' She also lists 'The Little Mermaid' as one of her favourite movies, and she would love to practice 'somewhere hot – so I could travel there all the time!'

When I Grow Up, I Want to be an Architectural Technologist

'When I was younger,' Hayley writes, 'my friends would be playing video games, but in my spare time, I liked to draw house elevations and floor plans. That interest led me to this industry.'

A Thing of Magic

Her favourite book series is Harry Potter ('I know, so typical', she writes), and if given a superpower, she would choose the ability to fly.