From the Maritimes to the Prairies, from the large-scale to the intimate, Cara Tretiak is an architect who has managed to gain an impressive breadth of experience – both personally and professionally – over the last decade. Originally hailing from Calgary, Cara is a graduate of the Master of Architecture program from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Now in Winnipeg, her experience with designing a variety of building typologies is perfect for Republic's varied projects across Canada.

Looking through Cara's impressive portfolio of work, you may be struck by the kinds of buildings she has designed. Her architectural repertoire includes fire stations, restaurants, transit hubs, residential, and healthcare projects. Cara is adept in efficiently taking projects from start to finish; her detailed and careful approach ensures that her work achieves design excellence. With her skillset and experience, Cara is a considerable asset to Republic Architecture Inc.'s design team.

There's Norway To Go But Up

Cara would choose to practice in Norway, if she could. "It sounds like a very sane place to live."

For Whom Kimbell Tolls

The Kimbell Art Museum by Louis Kahn – located in Fort Worth, TX – is Cara's favourite building.

Quite a Journey for a Bath

As part of her architectural bucket list, Cara would one day like to visit Vals, Switzerland to see Peter Zumthor's thermal baths.