Cara Anderson, a graduate of the Environmental Design program at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture, is a key player in Republic Architecture Inc.’s interior design team. In all her work she offers proficiency in delivering tailored and well-thought out solutions for clients.

Cara specializes in conceiving attractive and efficient designs for offices, residential spaces and such unique typologies as museums. She is deeply motivated by the pursuit of sustainable practices and she has contributed expert input to reduce the environmental footprint of projects.

Earthly Citizen

Cara is a huge proponent for the environment and the conscious conservation and preservation of its living resources. She lists 'plants and gardening' as an obsession of hers, and eventually, she would like to work on a project where she gets to design a living wall in an interior space.

Animal Farm

Perhaps following in the footsteps of Temple Grandin, Cara says that she would love to design for farm animals, 'so they don't hate their lives.'

A Proponent for Change

If you were to browse through Cara's playlist, you may be surprised to find Tupac's 'Changes' as part of her regular musical rotation.