Beth Schellenberg is a creative professional who brings with her a proficiency with prose and an elegant approach to weaving and employing language in her role as Proposal Writer at Republic Architecture Inc. She has a wealth of experience, having been previously engaged to develop written deliverables for a variety of cultural and arts-related opportunities within the city, in Northern Canada, and internationally. Her mastery of the written language is supported by her expertise in research, communications, and architectural history: a skillset that greatly contributes to the quality of her work, and by extension, Republic's existing and future projects.

Boasting a long list of professional experience, Beth has been involved in writing grant proposals, research projects, exhibit curation, and creative writing for post-secondary and cultural clients on local, municipal, and provincial levels. Beth possesses a Bachelors in Contemporary Art and Critical Theory and a Masters in Cultural Studies and Curatorial Practices from the University of Winnipeg, and she was a Queen Elizabeth II Scholar in the United Kingdom in 2018. Over the last few years, her critical and creative writing have been published in several contemporary publications both in print and online. Her technical proficiency is peppered by a bright and engaging attitude, an innate curiosity, and a working philosophy that is empathic and thoughtful. All-in-all, Beth's knowledge, approach, and experience make her an integral part of the Marketing and Communications team at Republic Architecture.

Not-so-Guilty Pleasures

When asked what her guilty pleasure is, Beth writes, "I can't say I feel truly guilty about this particular pleasure, but I probably should: spending upwards of an hour in a scorching bath full of rose-infused almond oil (a true nightmare when it comes time to clean the tub) while 'reading' the latest Vogue, drinking wine, and listening to podcasts about celebrities."


Beth has two black cats that she believes to be sisters that she is "pretty sure were born on Halloween at 11:11. They are bewitchingly adorable, and despite their antics (climbing curtains, eating plants, hiding fake mice, wine corks, and bits of string in my shoes) I am very taken with them".

Breaking Boundaries

In regards to how Beth would like to see Winnipeg evolve, she would love for it to become "a city with less boundaries (opening Portage and Main would be a great start...). There are divisions across this city rooted in class, race, and physical ability that could be mediated in part by creating free, accessible public spaces and affordable housing. Also more bike lanes."