Angie Pringle is Republic Architecture Inc.'s Director of Wellness, a role she performs proficiently having had nearly a decade's worth of experience as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. With enthusiasm and cheerfulness, she actively takes on the challenge of helping improve the physical wellbeing of the people in the firm by working with individuals one-on-one and developing personalized exercise and nutrition programs. She also holds group training sessions, and is a dynamic presence who motivates and encourages people to reach and exceed their personal fitness goals.

Angie has a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology & Applied Health from the University of Winnipeg, and is a Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) certified Personal Trainer. Additionally, she is also a Functional Movement Screen Specialist (FMS), a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, a Yin Yoga Instructor (YYT), and Functional Range Conditioning Coach (FRC). With this vast range of experience and scientific knowledge, she has an excellent grasp on how to efficiently achieve objectives and ultimately and holistically improve on overall wellness.

Sky High

Angie has always wanted to sky dive "for the thrill"; and given the choice, she would choose flying as her superpower. Perhaps she enjoys the idea of being up in the clouds.

Perspire and Respire

She oftentimes gets her clients to sweat it out and be active, but when Angie needs to get away, she practices her breathing. "When in doubt, breathe," she writes.

Buff, but not a Movie Buff

Angie claims to be "not a movie girl. I watch them and promptly forget the name", and she "often falls asleep halfway through."