Often described as passionate and spirited, Amanda Basu Roy is a professional Architect who possesses a great deal of knowledge and experience in the practice of design and construction. Her approach to project management and design is based on over a decade of working on municipal, provincial, and federal projects, and accentuated by a disposition that is balanced, empathic, inspiring, and fair.

Amanda's portfolio boasts an accomplished collection of design and construction work, having performed project management, design development, building condition assessment, and contract administration services on cultural, educational, and institutional projects across Canada. She finds importance in managing, designing, and developing architectural projects that are sustainable, realistic, and efficient. In essence, Amanda is an Architect who strives to meet objective project requirements of cost, schedule, and quality, all the while upholding a positive management environment.

A Sense of Rhythm

Amanda believes the next big thing in architecture is "design that heightens sensory experience to be in harmony with natural rhythms". Speaking of rhythm, in order to get away, Amanda likes to "dance for hours".

A Winter of Change

"Giving birth to my son in my home under renovation heated by pellet stoves during a cold spell" is what Amanda considers her greatest accomplishment.

Go Local

For wellness and to strengthen community, Amanda believes that more people should prepare seasonal, local food using traditional methods.