Work Culture

When asked why they like working at Republic, the vast majority of our people answered similarly: their favourite things about our firm are the people that they work with and the office environment.

Republic Architecture Inc. explicitly makes the effort to ensure that the work environment for the people of Republic Architecture Inc. is enjoyable and adaptable, day in and day out. In maintaining a culture that benefits every person in our diverse yet close-knit team is something that makes our firm brimming with energy, and we like to think that it shows in the work that we produce for our clients. 

In particular, our culture is based on three values:




Republic Architecture Inc. believes in the power of collaboration. When people with different skills, interests, and ideas come together, they can do brilliant things. We harness the ideals of a collaborative work environment to benefit our projects, our clients, and, especially, our employees.




Our name reflects our attitude: Republic Architecture Inc. is a firm that acts as a cohesive unit, but is influenced by the decisions of each and every individual. Every person we bring into the firm is empowered to have a say in the direction of the firm. We give the power to our people.



We understand that while Republic Architecture Inc. is greater than the sum of its parts, individuals need to be able to pursue their own interests to thrive. Our firm allows for the professional development of each person in their own way so that they’re able to offer unique capabilities to our projects.


We’ve been told that our firm seems like a great place to work. If you would like to join in our ever-growing firm that thrives in a collaborative, democratic, and stimulating environment, check out our current career opportunities in our Careers section here.