October 5, 2018

Not Your Average Design Firm…

If you’ve met our team, visited our studio, or worked with us, you know we take a unique approach to everything we do. So, it should not be surprising that Republic Architecture Inc.’s newest team member is not a designer, does not have a background in design, and will not directly be working on projects. However, her role at RAI will have the greatest impact on our work and here’s why.

As a firm dedicated to elevating and maintaining the general health and wellbeing of our team, we decked out our new studio with fitness machines and equipment; providing staff an opportunity to get their workouts in during breaks. Always striving to do better and go further we’ve taken things to another level – we’re literally jumping for joy to announce the addition of Angie Pringle, Director of Wellness, to the Republic Team!

Angie has a degree in Kinesiology and Applied Health. She is a Functional Movement Screen Specialist, a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, a Yin Yoga Instructor, a Functional Range Coach – in short she’s going to whip the Republic team into tip top high performance shape!

Angie has hit the ground running, working with each member of our team to set personal goals and a plan to achieve them.

Welcome to Republic, Angie!